Algorithmic Trading Blogs and Webinars

I am starting this thread to post good insightful blogs on Algorithmic trading and upcoming webinars.

The blogs will come from sites like QuantInsti™, Quantocracy, Quantpedia, Quantsportal, and other quant sites.

These blogs will include for Beginners guide, Algorithmic trading strategies, Programming, and latest from the Algorithmic trading world.

I will also be posting upcoming webinars for the all the audience interested in Algorithmic trading and related subjects.

Hope all the traderji members benefit and take advantage of this.
Mixture Models to Predict Market Bottoms
The webinar will explain Mixture Models and explore its application to predict an asset’s return distribution and identify outlier returns that are likely to mean revert.

The webinar will cover

Why bother? Motivating experimentation with Mixture Models
How do Mixture Models work? (An intuitive explanation)
Designing the Research Experiment (How do we answer the original question?)
Define the strategy
Evaluate the strategy
Further Areas to Explore

Click to register for the webinar here -
Upcoming Webinar:

Introduction to Machine Learning for Quantitative Finance

Thursday 15th June, 8:30 PM IST | 8:00 AM PST | 11:00 AM EST

Everyone is talking about Machine learning these days. This exciting webinar on Machine Learning will take you through the basics of machine learning, it will cover the cool features of the Quantiacs toolkit, and illustrate how to create and test machine learning strategies using Quantiacs.

Session Outline:
An Overview of Machine Learning
The Machine Learning Process
Various Features of Quantiacs toolkit
Applying Machine Learning to Futures Data Using Quantiacs
Discussing Results
Machine Learning Tips and Pitfalls
Questions and Answers

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