After Finvasia , which broker is cost effective brokerage ?


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@ ICY read link you will understand what i meant
audited means statement of bank stamped by CA :xD

Now a days broker are more safe coz of sebi margin rules .

Banks :-- Money is safe till 5lakhs beyond that rbi don;t guarantee
AT stock Broker :- Sebi guarantee up to 25 Lakhs so buy your fav share and keep money in share form safer then bank lmao (world is idiotic)

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Yes shoonya has 0 charges in all segments with 0 clearing charges but they need to work alot in their charting and MF section...
Oh, it's great to hear that they have no fees and no clearing charges, but like you mentioned they need to work on their charting & MF section, Could you please explain to me What exactly is the issue here?