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metastock link not working kindly Check

Hi All,

Now-a-days a ready-made database is available here and there in the net. But the accuracy of these database is not unquestionable. So I have decided to upload atleast NSE data fully split-bonus & symbol change adjusted as on 25-10-2006.
Download Link 1: ASCII Format(For Fibotrader & Amibroker)

Download Link 2: Metastock Format
Another Link : http://www.4shared.com/dir/1513409/bba726a2/sharing.html

Fibotrader Users (For those who have downloaded my database b4 3rd Nov.): How to delete old NSE data and import this new NSE Data.
QuoteMan -> Tools -> Securities administration -> Quote management -> Delete quotes -> select All securities in selection -> Choose Folder NSE -> Database End of day -> Condition Date Before 10/25/2006 -> Delete.

Thank you Soumya for your great work for providing neat and clean data of Indian stocks. I downloaded MetaStock format data from the following link:


Stored data at:- C:\MetaStock Data

and all worked very fine. I can open the chart of any Indian stock with just a click. Now I have some queries:

(1)Data is stored as F1 to F255 as dat file and F256.MWD to F1128.MWD as MWD file. What is the distinction between two.

(2)General size of the files is between 50kb to 80kb but lot of files are between 1kb to 10kb. I think files between 1kb to 10kb are not having sufficient data. So is it suggested that such files worth any thing?

(3)Files are having updated data till 25-10-2006. Some files are having earlier update date also.

Now I want to update all the files till 31-05-2007 with following parameters.

a- To update data till 31-05-2007 and delete all those securities from the downloaded data file, those are not traded at present.

So please suggest me the procedure to update.

(1)How to append new data to existing data.
(2)Quick way to find the securities those are not traded at present and having broken are insufficient data. As MetaStock is not showing the security name so it is very difficult to detect manually.

Hi Soumya ,
I downloaded your Neat and Clean DB (awesome effort ...) I was wondering how do I update it post 23 10 2006 .Is that data there in your daily post .Or would I be able to updated it with the bhavcopy .If I update with bhavcopy how should i handle split bonus adjustments Plz advise .
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