Screen capture and upload to tinypic ... neat application


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I found a nice & neat application which I found very handy to use as it saves a lot of my time.. in capturing any portion of the screen (charts?) and upload directly to TinyPic for sharing a link with users on forums... blogs... hurrayyy!!!

here is the link: h t t p : / /

disclaimer: I am not endorsing the application or linked to this application in any ways... I just found it nice and easy to use and very time saving. Hope you like it...

visit this page to get plugin to upload to tinypic and many more...

h t t p : / /
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I have modified the TinyPic addin slightly so instead of opening the URL in browser after its uploaded... is just shows a message box that its done and URL in your clipboard... simply paste it into your post... no more auto opening of browser... see it attached...
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thanks vikas its a nice tool!!!!!!!!!!!

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