4 Weeks Global Macro Trading Training taught by a Hedge Fund Portfolio Manager

Hi Everyone,

Capitol Trading Services is a trading academy offering a 4-week meticulously developed in house Global Macro Trading Training in Singapore and in Bangkok ideal for individuals willing a second stream of income or trade for a living . The next training will be held in Singapore from March 2th to March 27th. The maximum number of participants will be 7 people and a minimum AUM of 4M THB - 150K SGD - 100K EUR is strongly advised to fully enjoy the benefits of these training.

This training is taught by a recognized trader who is Main Advisor for Adam Levinson ,previously for Danny Yong for 2 years, and has a proven track record and experience of nearly 6 years on trading in Hedge Funds for Duet Group, Dymon Asia and currently Fortress.

You will practice trading strategies with your trading desk either on a simulator with the same conditions as reality or for real if you are up to. Your positions and decisions made on the market as well as your P&L will be analyzed and corrected on a daily basis in order for you to become a professional independent trader.

After the training period, the participants have the opportunity to keep contact with their Professor for mentoring & trades.

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