Bharti Airtel at 52 weeks low!!!


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Bhartiartl at 52 weeks low!!!!

Any views for entry exit!!!

Short term and long term views please!!!!
This is one stock which is consistently under performing the Index. I don't know about what Market analyst think about the telecom sector as such. The fact remains that for this sector to get new life, there has to be some consolidation. However when this will happen remains an uncertainty.

Technically this is very weak. It's forming lower highs and lower lows and is giving no indication of base building. Till a base is made, there is no scope for this stock to move up from here. On longer term basis this is a stock which is a must avoid untill we get sufficient evidence to suggest otherwise.

Analyst are suggesting that buy the stock based on P/E multiples etc. Let me warn that P/E can keep falling and still the stock could see lower levels. There are no certainties as to when the down slide would end. Keep it on your watch list. But I feel for a buy signal to emerge out of this stock, there is still some time to go.

Trying to guess the bottom of such a stock is like fishing in ocean with fingers.

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What goes up have to come down...i have positions at 287...

Reason for fall is for additional spectrum they have to pay according to 3g rates.....

Being a long term guy ill buy further at 225 level if it goes that down...

It depends how u want to make money if u are caught at high level better short sell but do waiti for negative news....I guess tomm it might see up side 3-4% if sensex stays +ive

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