swing trading

  1. T

    YATD: Yet another Trading Diary

    Bought [email protected] --> Delivery --> Duration : 1 week : Target : 3 to 5 % Bought UBL@652 --> Delivery --> Duration : 1 Week : Target : 3 to 5%
  2. Debarghya Mukherjee

    Swing and Day trading Strategy

    Hello My Traderji Friends, I am back in Traderji after many months. I was reading my old posts and threads today. Thank you all for participating and making them live even after so many days. Some asked me by phone or by my email/Traderji Msg service why did you left this forum. :) Well...
  3. M

    Targets & Stop-losses: How to set the right levels for EXIT

    Well friends, a lot has been said about how to spot the right opportunities for entering a position but much less has been set about how and when to exit a position. Many a times, even good traders get over-zealous and set very high targets which can prove to be their nemesis. What you should...
  4. A

    Mid term swing trading

    Hello Guys, Another thread on technical analysis. I'm creating this thread mainly to keep track of my thoughts based on technical analysis on stocks and indices. Seniors and other analysts are always welcome to post their agreement or disagreement on any of the post in this thread. Some...
  5. N

    My EOD Stock trades......updated regularly

    A big hello to everyone here. My name is Jai & I have a background in business (HR Consulting & Renewable Energy to be precise). I am based in Mumbai & have been an avid follower of the stock markets for the last 9 years & in that process, tried my hand at all forms of trading – intraday...
  6. Debarghya Mukherjee

    Traderji Twitter : Debarghya Mukherjee

    It is my request my Traderji friends and other members to use this thread as our Trading Twitter. We will post our tweet ( small thoughts) all the day long here. Every body can post and can comments here. Please keep your comments with in 200 characters. Let the ZEAL remains. Short...
  7. oxygenbloggers

    Simple Swing Trading for Beginers

    :clapping::clapping::clapping: Hello TJ Members! I am new to TJ , and would like to have good trading mates,I am interested in Trading Swings ....and like to profit from it.....My aim is to gather knowledge from seniors and apply the same on my trades... Thanks, Oxygenbloggers :thumb::thumb:
  8. V

    Vzlue Zone's Trading Journal

    Hi, My aim is to journal my trades and validate the strategy I am using. Basically it is based on levels where I expect the demand supply equilibrium may change in favor of one side, ie demand exceeds supply or vice versa. Every new week I post levels for the week and expected bias. It is a...
  9. S

    Lets me try to forecast short-term nifty trend...

    Hi All, I am trying to find the short-term trend/trend-reversal of nifty based on rsi/stochastics(for now :) ). The idea is to help positional trading in nifty-future. I am not the expert in using these indicators and just trying to see whether any past patters of these indicators charts...
  10. thestarvingtrader

    The Starving Trader!

    Welcome Message Welcome to The Starving Trader's weekly setup and recap thread. Here, he will provide an overview of his blog posts that highlight his plans to trade the upcoming week, and that recaps any action in the previous week. He believes in swing trading with accountability and keeps a...
  11. thestarvingtrader

    Hello from The Starving Trader

    Hello friends! Going with the suggested intro format... 1) Your trading/investing experience. The Starving Trader has formerly traded stocks, options, and futures in the US markets. After years of experimenting with price action and after suffering significant losses, he has managed to...
  12. G

    Swing trading broker???

    Who has the best brokerage offer for swing traders ? can anyone give an analysis or pointers to the best brokerage offered for people who follow day trading?? And also let me know if margin trading is provided by the broker?
  13. G

    Which Broker is best?

    Which broker is best for swing trading? currently i am using icicidirect
  14. R

    Swing Delivery Trading

    Hi guyz, I am starting this thread to take swing trades in market. I will be taking trades on EOD basis. And exitting the same way. In course i will reverse my position if necessary. Will be working on one future lot. There will not be any methodology or reasons for my trade. I will just be...
  15. P

    trading based on news and stock results

    Hi all Wanted a general discussion of trading on basis of stock results and important news Some companies like Infosys were constantly able to beat there forecast every quarter , i think it will good idea to take delivery of such performing stocks few days before the result season and sell...
  16. T

    Geometrical Markets

    HI all, Why must we all trade.............not to lose money thats for sure........but thats precisely what most of us are doing. No use explaining how I do it...let me first demonstrate that clear precise targets can be set and achieved. We can...
  17. S

    Hello I am a new member

    :cool:Hello i just joined traderji . I am a intraday player. I always trade with Unitech. I have noticed that unitech makes a minimum 1 Re high after opening although a few days are exception. can anybody offer a better intraday trading idea ?
  18. G

    Any blogs on technical analysis

    Hi can some one suggest good blogs on swing trading and technical analysis? or website with good articles