1. V

    New Joinee

    Hi There Am a NRI. Native of Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu - India. 1) Came to know about capital market investment / stock market investment through a known person who lost completely in 2008 market crash. My contact was in the market for quite long time. He invested Rs 3 Lakhs and created Rs. 2...
  2. A

    Automating with stop loss sell order - NEST trader

    Is the stop loss sell order valid only for intraday? What I'm intending to do is - buy a stock, let appreciate it for a month or a quarter, then sell it automatically when the desired target price is reached, thus eliminating the need for continuous tracking. Is there a strategy/order to do...
  3. D

    Doug Cutler user doug9694

    I have not done any investing except in HYIP's since 1991. The HYIP,s where hard enough to do. When the funding brokers started folding and taking the small gains I made with them a couple years ago I quit them. I am looking at various systems that show up on the net, x-patterns...
  4. P

    My Strategy

    I enter trade with following condition: Stock is trading above 50 day SMA Stock is trading above 200 day SMA MACD crossed signal line day before yesterday (trigger) Divergence rise was less than 400% while crossing signal line I exit the trade when MACD falls for the first time...
  5. E

    Forex Trading

    Hello All, "This is for all the people trading or investing in any financial market." I recently checked out the differences between Stock Markets and Forex and to my surprise Forex is way more flexible and provides lot of other advantages over Stock Market. What do you guys think about...
  6. U

    New !!! Stock Analysis desktop tool for Mac and Windows

    A new stock analysis software compatible with both Mac and Windows is under development. Main features are... 1. Realtime, EOD Analysis 2. Market Watch 3. Backtesting with customized strategy 4. Offline Analysis 5. Technical Indicators 6. Customized strategy for Buy/Sell indicators...
  7. A

    NIFTY INDEX - % of Deliverable Quantity to Traded Quantity

    Hi All members, Like we can find the deliverable %age of a stock on nse website, how can we find the %age deliverable quantity of NSE Index and other Indices. I tried searching in and out the nse site and googled, but did not find anything. Please help. Thanks all...... profitable...
  8. A

    One Way Movement

    Hi All, For some time I have been observing stocks that break their previous days high or low tend to move in single direction and give good points. However, at times they reverse leading to triggering of SL. I tried to analyse the same with things like Delivery %age of previous day...
  9. S

    hello friends!!

    hello friends, this is is Shivam Sinha from UP. I am new to this forum and also a beginner in stock market. i am into this stock market from last 2 years. I am here in this forum to increase my knowledge in the said fiels and also to learn technical analysis.
  10. I

    Cost basis for bonus shares

    What is the cost basis for bonus shares? How should I calculate capital gain when I sell bonus shares?
  11. N

    KP's Springideas on Stock option trades..Must end month in some profits.

    Hi Folks , I am starting this thread to track my ideas in Stock option.. Mostly INTRADAY.. Sometimes positional(max 2-4 days holdings). If any one interested please keep an eye on this thread. I don't promise/misguide something like with Bumper returns or 100% accuracy ... ..whatever i post...
  12. A

    Stock pick / screener exploration

    Hope traderji pals will find this useful Stock pick/screener exploration ==================== Buy criteria : (Combining leading + lagging indicators) 1) EMA3 crosses EMA15 from below 2) Price > 25 3) MACD crosses Signal from below OR 4) Stochastic %K crosses %D from below For...
  13. M


    Hi there! I'm a newbie too. I haven't got any trading experience but have got a teeny legacy from dad(a few shares that I have no clue about!) I have a few questions - 1 What do I need, apart from a DEMAT account, to start trading? 2 How do I decide what to invest in -...
  14. MOON-moon

    Lets talk current fundamental

    they say : >>> without fundamental analysis, you are gambling without technical analysis, you are blindfolded in the market and without risk analysis, you have no control about me i am just a trader like many of you, apart from my education which is in a completely different stream. i am...
  15. sdalal

    BANCO PROD: A perfect chart for trade

  16. sdalal

    NMDC- Consolidating

    NMDC: After touching Nov low in march end,the stock is consolidating and is making situation to move up in coming days. see the chart.
  17. S

    Any one ripped off by zeebob stock screener pro like me?

    As software claims to pridict macd bullish crossover in next 3 days , I was tempted to buy but found it bogus. I still unable to believe it but want to confirm that anyone have such experience?
  18. sdalal

    Stock Looks good for the week-15th feb to 19th feb 2010

    Bharat Forge:We advice to buy this stock above 252.50. CMP: 248.The immediate target 259. If trades above 260 then will take it 273. Keep A Stop Loss of close below 242. Crucial support is at 235. 16th feb: Bharat forge crossed the level of 252.5 and made ahigh of 257.5 17th feb...
  19. M

    What does Dubai mean for India's individual investors?

    Some thoughts on what individual investors should do in response to the recent market upheaval, thanks to Dubai.
  20. S

    Realtime Stock Quotes

    * More than 2 Months 1 minute single click backfill for Cash, Futures and MCX * ManshiRT is NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX, NASDAQ and NYSE real time data provider for Amibroker, Metastock, Ninja Trader, FCharts and other popular charting software with single click EOD data update for equities and...