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Hi Everyone

My post should probably be in some other category but i could not find an appropriate one. I request the administrators to move it to the appropriate one if possible.

I need to get a software developed for technical analysis. Which incorporates all the standard indicators and also my customized indicators. I have tried to contact a few software developers but had no success. I myself do not have much s/w development knowledge.

Can anyone please give me a clue about it?


Bharat Mudgal


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Why not go other way, i.e. buy a TA software (like metastock, amibroker, etc..) and program your strategy in that. They all come with their own programming language where you can create your own indicators, system etc.

TA is vast field and cost/time/competition factors, IMO, does not fall in favour of developing new TA package.

I use metastock extensively since last seven years.
I have created some customized indicators now which i want to market. I have some good strategies using which the product can be a good success.

This is the reason why i am looking for development.


Bharat Mudgal
consider selling yourystem as add-on to metastock. Coz developing new software is both time consuming and costly. Moreover, you'll face serious marketing problem. Add-on is better idea, think it over.

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