1. Shivam DUbey

    How can one place a SL order in a delivery trade in sharekhan?

    How can one place a SL order in a delivery trade in sharekhan?
  2. P

    Trailing square off in Sharekhan, Please help

    Sharekhan users please guide me. I have 100 shares 0f zyx comp. in my DP,bought @56.00 .Now CMP is 62.00 .I want want to sell it using Trailing Square off option. How it can be done , If I want to put SL - 61.00, Take profilt - 64, and trailing start at market order.I am unable to put this...
  3. pulkit55

    ULTIMATE Final Comparison (Angel Broking vs Sharekhan)

    So WHICH IS THE BEST This is a Poll and Discussion for the Best Broker between Angel Broking and Sharekhan for Beginners Points that Matters: For Beginner Quality Advisory Best Customer Support Please take part in both Poll and Discussion Please share your Opinions, Views...
  4. timepass

    DP to margin - which brokers have the best facility ?

    Actually, this procedure is really very easy in Sharekhan. It is a single click procedure during the market hours and the money is instantly credited. Just use the "DP to margin" option. Reverting it (margin to DP) is also instantaneous. This set me thinking, which brokers offer the...
  5. timepass

    Broking Frauds - Sharekhan & Others fined for Front-Running

    Just a day after the news of Sharekhan being taken over by Geojit came out, here is another alarming news. Sebi slams Rs 14 crore fine on Sharekhan, others over front-running activities...
  6. B

    Planning to start trading - Please help in selecting online trading site (sharekhan)

    Hi Friends, I am absolutely new to trading. Just planning to start doing it with a good online trading facility. Just came to know about shareKhan. I have heard that they are best in the industry. But I am not sure how they actually works as they do not offer 3 in 1 account. Then does...
  7. M

    Make money with Sharekhan

    Hi, I just came across Sharekhan while searching for make money online trading, however I could not understand how can I earn through sharekhan. I am not expertise in investing, however I do have a Demat account with KotakSecurities which is my persoanl investment, with the help of one of...
  8. P

    What is Haircut? How It Work? What is its effects?

    I Want To Know All About- #What is Haircut? #How It Work? #Is it affect portfolio? #Is it affect my Profit?
  9. J

    About Ventura Trading Account (vs sharekhan)

    Dear All, I need your valuable suggestion regarding open an account at Ventura1 Securities. I already have an account in Sharekhan and presently my brokerage charge is 0.02%(Intraday) and 0.2% for delivery. Ventura is offering me to open account with brokerage charge 0.01% (intraday...
  10. I

    New Member of

    Hi everyone, I have come here to talk/learn stock market. I am from Kolkata and doing trading with Sharekhan. Please share experiences with me :). Thank you.
  11. I

    Need help with derivatives trading with sharekhan using TradeTiger

    I have the latest Trade Tiger Software (advanced) from sharekhan. I have been trading in equities and now I want to trade in derivatives as well. However, all the info seems a bit confusing with different versions of it. I just want to know how to trade in derivatives and how to do so using...
  12. K

    tick average meaning

    Hi Friends, In ShareKhan charts, there is a horizontal line by default which is called as "tick average". May I know what this line means and what is its interpretation please. I have attached a chart with "tick average" circled in red. Thanks. Karuna
  13. L

    Best Online broker for NRI

    As a resident I had an ICICIDirect trading account and was very happy with the website, although the brokerage is very high compared to others. Since my change of status to NRI I am looking for a good online broker. The effective brokerage for Delivery including taxes & other charges for...
  14. B

    Sharekhan TradeTiger Doubt

    Hello Traders Iam new to trading,I just opend trading account with sharekhan and received TradeTiger as trading platform. I Have RS5000 in my trading Ac And my Broker said I will Get 4X Leverage for Buying/Selling In Intraday equity Cash Segment. During Trading how can i check total...
  15. DSM

    Sharekhan's Free Active training cell for traders

    Received the following from Sharekhan - will be useful for traders. Come, Learn The Art of Making Money One of the best ways to learn to be a SELF TRADER in the markets is to sign up for Sharekhan’s Active Training Cell. Through a series of ONLINE Trainings, ATC trains you on various...
  16. A

    Silver trading for newbie

    Hi all, This is my first post in this forum. I want to start online trading and want to invest in silver. I am going to open an account with sharekhan. They are providing two options for commodity trading one is future account and another one is spot account. My questions are which one is good...
  17. I

    Sharekhan Users - What is SK Locked?

    I am just a day old in the trade game - I have been doing good :) and am starting off with a low investment to understand the trading ways - I would want to know what SK Locked means in ShareKhan? I bought 10 shares UCO yesterday at 62 RS , and sold them today morning at 65.85 (Executed Price...

    Sharekhan Digital Contract

    Hello Traders!!! Can anyone help me understand Sharekhan Digital Contract? Thank you. Regards, Moin.
  19. T

    New to Sharekhan Trade Tiger 2.2.0 [Please Help]

    Hello Traderji Members, I am very new to Trading. I have recently opened a new Demat account with Sharekhan. I have some doubts regarding Trade Tiger Software (v - 2.2.0) Can anybody tell how to put buy orders for Intraday and Delivery. How to put sell order for Intraday and Delivery...
  20. S

    Which is the best Trading Platform in India?

    Hi Guys.. Can u pls let me know which is the best trading platform/website in India offered by any broker??? This will help all of us to jnow where to turn to... new comers and also medium experienced traders like me would be able to gain from it... Criteria can be: - Good charting -...