Trailing square off in Sharekhan, Please help

Sharekhan users please guide me.
I have 100 shares 0f zyx comp. in my DP,bought @56.00 .Now CMP is 62.00 .I want want to sell it using Trailing Square off option.
How it can be done , If I want to put SL - 61.00, Take profilt - 64, and trailing start at market order.I am unable to put this order with these above data.
Please help, its urgent
You do know that the person that offered to help you was lying right. You almost got scammed. You should never ask this kind of questions inthe threads. Ask people individually. Even if you must do then watch out for people with eveil intentions. You obviously need to learn more. The link does not work because it is invalid. You were being directed to a dangerous site.

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