Silver trading for newbie

Hi all,

This is my first post in this forum.
I want to start online trading and want to invest in silver.
I am going to open an account with sharekhan. They are providing two options for commodity trading one is future account and another one is spot account.
My questions are
which one is good for a short period of time like 2 to 3 months
and what about margin that i have to maintain in my account.
In future contract can we sell all the share with in short period
If here any sharekhan account holder then plz guide me
any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks for suggestion.

I have a doubt in trading. plz help me out
I am going to invest in silver and for that contract last date is 30 NOV
Currently rate is 42442 rs, Lot size is 5 for that so total price will be 212210 rs
But i have to pay only margin that is 13908.53 rs (6.55%).
My questions are
Assume if silver goes to 45000 rs in september and at that time i sold that out
what will be the profit as my brokerage is 0.05%(both side)
Can I sell that before my contract is over as it is 30 NOV



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What will happen if it hits 40k?


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Don't use leverage . You WILL get burned. Trade spot and learn fundamental analysis or technical analysis. Don't trade futures or use leverage with hope you will double your money. Try playing long term become investor first,get to know the market. Then start trading. Rest is up to you. I'm a fund manager.

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