nifty options

  1. N

    Nifty 8800PE

    I bought Nifty 8800 PE APR 16Th expiry around 130. Now it is trading at 90. I had bought 2 lots ( 150 ). Now I am in 6000 loss. Plz give your opinion . Now what should I do 1. IF 8800 PE rises 2. If 8800 PE falls or 3. Should l exit immediately on Wednesday as soon as possible...
  2. S

    Future & Option Hedging Strategy

    Hi All, I was searching for some hedging strategies for nifty future and I came to know a best strategy for it. "Hedge Nifty options with Future" This is the best strategy I have found till now. But it was posted before 7 years ago and then no updates from the admin after that. So, I want...
  3. P

    SLOPING spreads

    Hello folks The title may seem bit confusing ... agree ... it is not a std term. Well, there are vertical speads (same month, different strike prices) and there are horizontal spreads (successive months, same strike price). If you make a combo of these two, what you get is "SLOPING...
  4. M

    Hedged Trades

    Wish to Improvise my Technical Skills through Share and Gain on new concepts in Trading. Request all senior members to point out suggestions regarding my thoughts.
  5. coolbull

    Options For all Seasons

    HI! This thread is Purely Based on Options(NIfty). No future Hedge. Call and put sell /Buy or both. Simple pairs based on Intraday trend and monthly complex option Strategies based on market view. I most of the time go for neutral strategies. Even if i am biased towards bullish or...
  6. coolbull

    MY Pair Trades( Dairy)

    Hi dairy! i will post my intraday and some positional pair trades here(Nifty and banknifty) ( I suggest for intraday trading use discount brokers with good terminal softwares)....... Pair trade is one of the popular hedging technique.......i will also share nifty/ Banknifty...
  7. R

    Option Trading journal

    Hi Friends This is my 2nd Innings in Share Market.Watched others playing while sitting out. This time My Prime Target is to be On the Ground with Bat & Pad even if no runs made. Today I made my first Trades with Net Investment of INR 225000/- Shorted 4 Lots of May14 Nifty 7100 CE @ 93...
  8. R

    good hedging strategies in nifty options for elections

    Hi, please suggest me good hedging strategies in nifty options for election Results my investments are 50,000/- welcome for great suggestion from great people
  9. A

    Understnding Price Action - Scalping

    Hello , Would like to have suggestions , how to best execute my strategy for scalping one point out of Nifty ITM options. Will be placing bracket orders on Interactive Brokers. Want to do this once a day. 1.What would be the perfect instrument (strike price / month) for max leverage and...
  10. M

    Nifty Options Intraday Calculator | Trend Calculator

    Hi guys, I wanted to share a options calculator that i found today. This calculator is realtime and works only for Nifty. Countesy: This looks impressive. Need to study this in more detail.....
  11. N

    Historical Data For Nifty Options

    hi all, I have historical data (2 yrs) for Nifty options at various strike prices (ATM and some OTM strikes either side). Of course it is available in NSE site, but i downloaded them all into Excel and arranged them in a workable order/manner. I can share this with you (of course, FOC)...
  12. D

    How to view historical prices of expired options?

    Can anyone please tell me how can I view historical prices of expired options? I am looking historical prices of both Nifty Options and Currency USDINR Options.
  13. madhavareddy1203

    Madhav Magic

    Hi Guys, Here I will give Nifty option tips from tomorrow. Rules: Trade with 20 Lots. Stick to targets and SL. Plz trade in mention strike price. Sample call: buy 5000 ce@100 SL: 80 Target: 110-120-130 1. Book 10 lots @110. 5 lots @ 120 . book remaining 5 lots @130. 2...
  14. N

    Nifty Options

    Hi everyone at Traderji, I am newbie here and very happy to be among an experienced trading community. I am an UK qualified Chartered Accountant and Chartered Management Accountant, US Qualified Internal Auditor, Qualified Cost Accountant from India and a Gold Medalist in MBA. I was...
  15. N

    Option Writting through condors

    Dear Traderji, This is my first post. I am a condor writter. I write options of 5 to 7 series Pe and Ce both on above and below the current market level on -4 i.e minus four day. That is on Monday of the expiry week, for next months. I receive a sort of 1700 plus for five series OR 2800 plus...
  16. M

    Need help with AFL to buy/sell options

    I need some help for writing an AFL related to options. I wish to refer to different symbol (programmatically) from AFL. For example, based upon value of underlying I wish to buy/sell various strike price options. Options naming (e.g. Nifty25May5500CE) again needs to be worked out with...
  17. TraderRavi

    diary of a day trader

    Hi friends, Just completed one month doing online day trading....after many beginners mistakes (done every mistake possible.?? o my god ! many left...) I am switching to range trading.(from 19th march) ...see what happens.. starting capital = 80k..(total poured till ....= 200K) ledger...
  18. S

    How to Trade in Nifty options for intraday gain

    Introduction: many people want to trade in option for intraday due to its low capital requirement and huge profit potentiality. However it is being experienced that the option buyers used to lose money very often. The reason is quite simple traders jump into the option trade without knowing the...
  19. V

    Need practical advise to trade in NIFTY Option

    Dear Friends, Good to be a part of traders family! I started NIFTY option trading 3 months ago. I need guidance from experienced NIFTY option traders on the following: How to spot entry points for put or call option How and where to set stop loss How to spot changing trends I...
  20. aravinthrajm

    Nifty options strategies

    Hi traders, I will be posting the daily performance of Nifty Options strategies recommended. Whatever the calls I give will be posted only after market hours as paid subscribers will get the priority. Watch out for the updates at http:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx