nifty options

  1. V

    nifty put options 2500

    yesterday 5-3-09 I bought 2 nifty puts 2500 strike @ rs72/- , when the market nifty was at 2582 about . My guess was that the market would break 2500, but today it is at 2620 and the rate of 2500 puts is at 44. Although I feel strongly that the market would breach 2500, but in case it further...
  2. M

    Buy 1x 3050 call, Sell 2x 3100 calls.

    If you think the NIFTY is not going to be above 3150 on the 26th of Feb 2009, but could get close then: a) Buy 1000 contracts of 3050 strike calls @ 33.0 b) Sell 2000 contracts of 3100 strike calls @ 19.25 (You can do any number in the ratio of buy 1x and sell 2x. I will use 1000 by 2000...
  3. A

    Is Nifty 3100 PUT at Rs. 120 a good trade?

    Hi there Is Nifty 3100 PUT option (1 lot) at Rs. 120 a good trade to do? I couldn't pick it at a lower price and now it seems to have gone all the way to 165 before falling back to early 100s levels. I think it may rise up again later today so was thinking of buying. -Amit
  4. Sunil

    Options Trading Strategies

    Nifty Options are slowly catching up with Nifty Futures in terms of participation interest. Especially in times where taking any directional trading call is becoming increasingly difficult & volatility has become order of the day, options (with its risk : return profile) can come quite handy to...