Option Writting through condors

Dear Traderji,

This is my first post. I am a condor writter. I write options of 5 to 7 series Pe and Ce both on above and below the current market level on -4 i.e minus four day. That is on Monday of the expiry week, for next months. I receive a sort of 1700 plus for five series OR 2800 plus for seven series. If I keep on adjusting the centre for next month then there is a gain of 1100 rupees and 1400 per nifty from which I incurr the expenses in adujusting the shifting of centre. Even if I am left with 250 to 400 rupees at the end; i an in profit of 5% to 8% on net investments.
Dear nmb2999

Thanks for your first post. But you need to elaborate the strategy and logic behind it for better understanding. Expecting the discussions on developing portfolio and managing the same for consistent monthly income.


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