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    margin & delv, religare odin diet help?

    Dear forum members, I am new to trading.I started using ODIN DIET (provided by Religare). I placed buy orders with order type "Margin" without knowing the difference between margin and delivery. I searched this forum and I vaguely understood that margin is for intraday trading and...
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    Newbie question : cash or margin, how to choose between them

    Hi Experts, I have been reading these forums for a while, and i have found the resources and information contained here very useful. I have a few questions related to margin and would like to have answered, as I could not find answers to these questions by searching the forums. Here is...
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    Selling options

    i want to sell options to take the advantage of time decay based strategies currently i have an account with share khan & INDUS Portfolio Problem part: Sharekan requires some 3 lackh balance to for naked puts..calls :annoyed: and forget indus wallae ...they say hum yeh kaam nhi...
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    how to short sell..

    i am a newbie in the stock market..i am trading with sharekhan and using tradetiger.. plz someone tell me about the short sell. i.e. how is it done, what are the pros and cons. also one interesting thing that i noticed was that i was able to trade for much more than the cash that i have in my...
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    How much Money is Needed to Trade in Futures and Options above Nifty?

    Can anyone tell me how much of Account Balance we should have to buy 1 Lot of Futures above Nifty?Why is there different Lot Sizes for different Lots? Thank you in Advance!
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    F&O margin using Cash market securities

    I have been wondering if one needs to pay interest if one uses cash market securities in DMAT account for satisfying initial and exposure margin requirements on F&O side. MTM losses obviously will have to be paid in cash. An example: I have 10L worth stocks, after haircuts etc. this comes to...
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    Brokers providing fair margins

    Is there any broker, preferably an online broker who charges margins exactly according to NSE rules, especially in case of F&O. e.g. If I do a covered call position with NIFTY future and option then broker should charge me SPAN + Exposure (3% + 3%) - premium However most brokers seem to...