1. The Pig

    Margin blocking

    Hi All, Is there an option with any broker to block the margin amount to be risked per trade.? As an example, let’s say I have 2 lakh in my account. I buy stock futures with 50k with leverage. If the trade moves against me, I want the risk management tool of broker to consider only 1lakh in my...
  2. timircha

    how margin calculated on sold calls or puts

    Hi How the margin is calculated on sold calls and sold puts. I got that shares are transferred into broker a/c and still they charged interest charges because of cash ledger has not sufficient amount. so for sold calls and sold puts margin must be in cash amount or share margin is valid. If...
  3. S

    Margin for deliverables

    Hello Everyone, I know there are 1000s of stock brokers providing margin for intraday trading in equity. Are there any stock brokers who provide margin for delivery based trading in equity? Regards Shanthi
  4. S

    Negative Ledger Balance

    Hello! On 21st Sept 18 I bought 1000 DHFL at 464 MIS at 12:37 PM using margin , By initial I had 50 K in my trading account. DHFL went down drastically,The problem here is my broker(Upstox) sold my shares at 366(12:47 PM) My RMS squareoff is 70% of my capital so approx square off price should...
  5. G

    Break even for my portfolio

    Hey guys, I am new here and newbie in stock market. I have just started trading. I have purchased 4 shares @83.25 (BALRAMCHIN),3 shares @121.55 (GSFC),5 shares @69.95(SAIL) (all NSE trades). Broker charged me (delivery) Rs.1.59 ,2.32,1.34 per share respectively. They provide brokerages @0.3% for...
  6. N

    Flat fee Brokers offering Leverage in equity delivery cnc

    I am not a full-time trader. I have other accounts for investor profile. I am looking for Flat fee broker offering following specific requirements: 1) Shares as Margin for delivery CNC 2) Leverage for delivery CNC 3) Convert intraday into CNC 4) BTST (optional) After lots of googling...
  7. milind.wakale

    What is marginal eligibility for option shorting.

    Hello pals, I am new to option trading, and I have traded few option doing long trades. I want to use option strategies for doing some trades. For doing so, I need to know what is marginal eligibility, that I should have in my account. I means that, if I have to short options of, for...
  8. wabuf

    Broker for highest leverage

    Hi traders I want to know which broker gives highest leverage for day trading . I have a demat acc with icici & gives 50 times variably . I have heard a lot about zerodha but its trading leverage is low . any other in your opinion .?? Thank You
  9. M

    What is span and exposure margin

    I want to calulate the total margin required for future trading and i have used this tool to do the above . They calculate total margin using this formula what is this span and exposure margin? and why its important for calculating total margin
  10. T

    Which broker charges minimum margin for writing options

    Hi, Which broker requires minimum margin for writing options? Please give your suggestion.
  11. bharat1111

    How can I pay loss in Margin Trading

    I am newbie to trading sector. I have a question regarding margin trading. If the total amount in my trading account is 5,000 Rs. Then, I buy 20 stocks of XYZ company on margin value 20,000 with CMP 1,000 Rs. If the price of that stock goes down from 1,000 to 600 Rs. Then, my total loss is...
  12. L

    Any brokers dont charge margin for option spreads

    Hi all, Are then any brokers in around mumbai who dont block margins for spread trades. Basically butterflies. Covered call writing and so on. If the question is already answered would be very kind if you can direct me to the thread. Zerodha block a margin of 45000 for 1 nifty butterfly +...
  13. K

    How to get Margin File for Derivatives?

    Hello, I am looking for the Margin file for the derivatives from NSE website. Is there anyway i can get the exact margin for all the script in NSE. MCX and NCDEX provides it on their website but i could not find it on NSE website. Please Help. Kanak Shah
  14. A

    Basics of Share Market

    I am a novice and would like to know about the following. What is day trading? What is short sell? Is short sell necessarily be day trading? What is margin trading? What is buymargin? What is sellmargin? What is put and call? what is futures and option? What is...
  15. A

    Stock Market Basic Knowledge

    Hi, I am a new entrant in the stock market who wants to earn like everyone a lot of money. I am completely new and have no knowledge about stock market. I would like to know from the basic jargon of stock market. What is intra-day trading? What is margin and margin trading? What...
  16. S

    Any Broker providing good margin for BTST type trades (Cash segment)?

    Does any broker provide good margin for BTST type trades (Cash segment) and what would be the amount of margin provided? I like trading with BTST in the cash market with volume scrips such as Tata Steel, RCOM, etc and would like to increase my margin. I have heard that some brokers provide upto...
  17. E

    Android App - Stock Price Calculator

    Hello All, There is a nice little Android app to help calculate the trade margins, breakeven brokerage and transaction cost. Check it out Kind Regards, em314159.
  18. R

    Margin required to buy 10 lots of nifty options

    What is the margin required to buy 10 lots of nifty options when 5800 PE is at 53? And the same to sell at 55? Can I buy CALL & PUT at Strike Price 5800? Can I buy CALL & PUT at Strike Price 5900?
  19. C

    Worth sacrifice my Job for Day Trading??

    Hello everybody, I'm working in one of the Oilfield Services Company abroad with a monthly salary of 2.5 Lakh, have been trading from time to time through HDFC SEC for the past 3 months. Now, I'm dragged into this crazily and so excited about this trading, but not able to focus much on...
  20. B

    ICICI Direct, MarginPlus and profit booking

    I was experimenting with ICICIDirect's MarginPlus facility. I purchased 100 shares of Coal India on margin at Rs 319.90 on Dec 13. I initially put a stop loss trigger at Rs 315. Then as the price went to above 324, I put a stop loss at Rs 323.50. It was sold at 323.30, giving me a profit of 340...