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    Regarding Brokerage..

    Hi all, I am new investor in stock market.I have trading account in sharekhan.I have one question. When i do the intraday trading,Sharekhan cut brokerage sometimes .03% and Sometimes 0.04-0.05%.But when i filled the form of sharekhan they agree to for intraday at 0.03 % and .30% for...
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    Income tax calculations

    Every year i have this particular problem with my income tax returns I deal in share transactions on a day to day basis i do intra day trades, delivery trades and futures and options i get contract notes daily from my broker how to maintain a excel sheet of all the data pertaining to...
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    Can NRI's do online intraday trading in India? If so, through which broker?

    Hi Guys, Am finding that most online brokers allow only delivery trade or investment options for NRI's. Is it against regulation for NRI's to trade online thru Intra day? If its possible, pls suggest which brokers are the ones offering this? On same note, if i use my non NRI account...
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    How much total brokerage do you guys pay

    In intraday... I mean total brokerage in Rs. for eg today i paid Rs. 2000 in brokerage after a profit of Rs.9,500, what abt you guys? Whats your daily trading volume? I do through hdc sec , and pay .1% for intraday trades, What abt you guys? Thanks
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    Intra Day Trading based on Elliot wave

    Is it possible to trade Intra Day on 5 minute charts based only on Elliot wave theory
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    how to sell in 'intraday' in TradeTiger?

    There is no option like 'intraday' or 'delivery' or 'stoploss'. How to select intraday? When i asked customer care, they told me that if the share is squared off on the same day, it would be treated as intraday. Fair enough. sounds logical. But my question is, Not all share can be bought in...
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    Hi every one

    hi, This is Rajanmr from Chennai, tamil nadu. I am a self employed guy handling outsourcing jobs. I am doing my MCA now. I have been a short term investor for a year now. I have learnt about analysing the stock fundamentally and technical for short and long term targets with good success...
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    Best broker for Intra day

    There are so many threads on brokerage discussions that sheer volume of posts defeats the purpose. :confused: So , let's talk facts and only facts ! Please take time to reply (obviously) objectively, following questions regarding Intr- day broking services. Please restrain from talking...