1. A

    Underrated Gem- Capture 5% dividend

    Brigade Enterprises Mega Dividend Expected: 20rs-25rs, Announcement Date: 9 December Revenue in Q2 grew 141 per cent to Rs 776 crore from Rs 322 crore in the corresponding quarter last year. Brigade saw Rs 831 crore in sales value in Q2, up 73 per cent year-on-year, with net area sales of 1.3...
  2. P

    ITC - the ultimate defensive stock

    Last week there was an article in ET, asking whether investors in ITC were the 8th wonder of the world. And saying that the company doesn’t miss any opportunity to disappoint investors. But the truth is far from what ET has quite unfairly portrayed. This is a company that is probably the...
  3. P

    Does the market hate Dividends now?

    Time was when stocks ran up into the Dividend - with people buying the stock for the tax efficiency of dividend on one hand, and to generate a short term capital loss on their equity on the other hand. Now, it looks like the reversal of tax policy on Dividends has shifted market behavior...
  4. P

    Vedanta: “first interim” is the real message!

    Yesterday’s announcement of ₹9.5 dividend will obviously cheer shareholders of Vedanta. But the real message isn’t in the actual amount of dividend. The wording - “First interim” is the real message. And it indicates that there will be at least TWO more dividend payments this year! If it was...
  5. P

    ONGC Dividend Trade

    With Saturday’s announcement of ending of Dividend Distribution Tax, there is a very interesting scenario - companies like ONGC, which have a high dividend yield, and which normally pay their dividends in end-February would be incentivized to delay their payment by a month - to April. This delay...
  6. R

    Which is the best on going hybrid funds- Monthly Dividend ?

    Hi, Which is the best on going hybrid funds which provides Monthly Dividend ? type of risk evolved ? Thanks!
  7. S

    Are the monthly dividends sustainable in the future?

    Kindly let me know that shall I be receiving my monthly dividends regularly, for I heard that monthly dividends are going to be stopped!
  8. Shivam DUbey

    Growth vs dividend

    Can anyone tell me what are the values in front of growth and dividend options and why such a huge difference and in some mutual funds such as Quantum long term equity fund the difference is very less and in some theres a gap of 40 - 50 points between dividend and growth?
  9. B

    What is the difference between Dividend Yield Funds & Balanced funds?

    Hello Friends, What is the difference between Dividend Yield Funds & Balanced funds? I tried comparing a few on Value research and they do appear mostly the same with respect to asset allocation and stock sectors. So what is the difference? If I want to earn reasonable dividend ALONG WITH...
  10. B

    ONGC share split price

    Hello fellow Traderji members I had bought ONGC shares on Margin on the 13th of Dec 2016 @312. However, there was a share split announced due to which the current share price is @201. I believe there's also Rs32 dividend on the 15th declared by the ONGC board. Also, they have declared bonus...
  11. T

    Dividend Trading.

    Hi I would like to trade stocks that pay dividends. In most of the stocks the DPS seems less than Dividend%. For example HCL Tech is showing DPS as 6 and Dividend% as 300 and ex-Div data is 27/01/2016. Should I buy HCL Tech and what is DPS and Dividend % and how will it help me if I...
  12. K

    ETF dividend related

    Hello Friends, Incase I buy NiftyBees and say AxisBank declares a dividend, do I receive this dividend? Is NiftyBees meant only for price appreciation or do we also get dividend benefit which is declared by scrips in nifty50 basket? Karuna
  13. V

    Dividend Related Query

    Hi , I am new to share market. I just bought shares of a company who announced Dividend on the stock . Am i eligible for the Dividend and if yes when it will be credited to my account
  14. rebeck10

    Record Date and Ex-Dividend date

    Hi members, would glady help if you could clear some confusion on the following points : I hold certain shares of hdfc bank 1) hdfc bank results was on april 22. Where can I get official information on record date and ex-dividend date...
  15. X

    Trend of Stocks

    Hi,i bought some shares in Karur Vysya Bank, IDFC and ITC..i want to know how long i should hold to book some good returns or accumulate( for better returns in a long term) or sell or re-enter ? KVB @ 315.50 IDFC @ 103 ITC @ 359 My key factors : holding KVB Shares till September can...
  16. A

    Dividend from Wipro

    I purchased some shares of Wipro on Jan 25th '13. As I understand, the dividend effective date for final payout was 27-06-13. Would I be eligible for this dividend? If so, I haven't received it yet. Thanks. A
  17. C

    Charting software that adjusts dividend

    Urgently need a charting software that adjusts dividend like these softwares adjust bonus, rights etc
  18. P

    Mutul fund novice

    Hi Guys, I am new to this forum and also new to trading. I want to learn about MF from all you experts. I have purchased mutual funds and got the statement. What happens next? Do I just keep the statement? Will I get dividend? Will I get regular income?:clap:
  19. I

    DSP BR Equity Dividend Vs Growth Options

    DSP BR Equity is one of the best multi cap fund. But DSP Equity Dividend is 12 year old fund with good long term performance where as DSP Equity Growth is new fund. Can we choose DSP Equity Growth instead of DSP Equity Dividend in case if we want to for growth option only? Is there any...
  20. autotrading.in

    Adjusted EOD Data + partnership

    Hi, I am a software engineer and am working on an intelligent trading system development. The most difficult task I found to make a trading system work in Indian stock market is to get accurate daily data, adjusted correctly for stock splits, bonuses, etc. (I have worked on similar systems in...