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    When do the companies give dividend ?

    Companies pay Dividend during which month? Or is it like those who have it during the AGM time get alotted with the dividends ? Is it like they take a randmon day and give to the holders of shares of that particular day ? Is it possibile of owning the share during the dividend time and...
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    Can i sell after Dividend is announced?

    Hi, I wanted to know..how quickly can i sell my shares or how long do i have to hold the shares, after a dividend has been announced. Thanks in Advance.
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    List some Free Must have tools for a trader

    Question related with Dividend. Hi, I am a newbie and wanted to know that when a company announces a dividend, Who would be eligible for receiving it i.e Lets Say if i purchase a share worth Rs 100 on 15th November and on 17th November company announces dividend, then will i be eligible for...
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    where to get interest rate, volitality of stock data????!!!

    Please help me, I have read many books on options and am trading equity at present. I want to know from where to get the data relating to the stocks volatility , dividend rate and interest rate which are need for calculation of options. PS. PLEASE DO NOT TELL GO TO nse website as it is a...
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    TCS bonus issue and dividend concern

    I have a concern for the TCS bonus issue and dividend. I bought TCS shares on 17th(settled). Am I eligible for the dividend and bonus issue. If yes, may I know by when will it be delivered.? TSR Darshaw says the dividend date is 01.07.09 and about the bonus issue it states ---- Post...