delivery trading

  1. J

    Looking for seasoned experienced Trading Information in India

    Hi, I am looking to speak with experienced traders that have information on DMAT accounts Settlement times, delivery methods, various account types, etc.
  2. Shivam DUbey

    How can one place a SL order in a delivery trade in sharekhan?

    How can one place a SL order in a delivery trade in sharekhan?
  3. kingsmasher1

    Is it possible to exit a bad delivery trade in T+1 day instead of waiting till T+2?

    Hi Guys, Suppose i buy shares of ABC company in delivery and go long. The next day (T+1) i realize i made a bad trade, and the prices are going down, unlike my expectation, and i decide to exit or square off my position right after T+1 day instead of waiting till T+2 and incurring further...
  4. P

    IIFL - Square off on the sold share from DP

    Hi, I have a query regarding a sell activity and the net position. Say already I have 500 shares of X in my holdings (dp ACCOUNT) and have sold it under Delivery mode. The Net position shows as -500 qty for the sold share and the holdings tab show 500 as sold . But , there is an option for...
  5. A

    Can any brokerage cater to this trade?

    Hi All, I have a specific type of trade strategy in mind and would be grateful if I could be directed to any brokerage which can execute this trade. Say a scrip is trading at 500, I want to place a bracket order with SL 450 and Tgt 550 but if both targets are not hit, I would want to take...
  6. P

    Question on Pay in/Pay out amount

    Hi All, I have recently opened a demat account with SBI CAP SECURITIES and started using it today. Since i am new to Stock market , i decided to try out the platform and see how it works. I lien Rs.1500 from my saving account. I bought very few shares(1 or 2) like IDBI,IDFC,INOXWIND...
  7. Sagarocks432

    Circuit breaking Sudden Drop in price

    Can anyone tell me why in some company have a sudden drop of price [40% to 500%] in a single day . My question is this if somebody had shares on that company on delivery then he will be totally pissed off. How to know this before it happens?
  8. S

    Get on with 20k initial investment

    Hi, I am newbie here(trading). willing to start, but not knowing how and where. Finally found this blog which is helping many like me. I am good at observing and learning. So, could any one here please suggest me some specific stocks to buy and observe for some time(may be a week) and sell. I...
  9. P

    Intraday vs delivery

    What is the basic difference between Intraday and Delivery?:cool:
  10. S

    Demat Agri Commodity Stocks

    Hello I am looking to buy a big amount of an agri commodity financed by Warehouse Finance Schemes of various banks, on a regular basis. However, the purchase is going to be in another state and shall be warehoused there. I am interested in depositing the same immediately with the delivery...
  11. A

    Income tax calculations

    Every year i have this particular problem with my income tax returns I deal in share transactions on a day to day basis i do intra day trades, delivery trades and futures and options i get contract notes daily from my broker how to maintain a excel sheet of all the data pertaining to...
  12. P

    Delivery and F&O Calls

    Dear All, Hopefully my calls may benefit u.................. Happy trading
  13. R

    Swing Delivery Trading

    Hi guyz, I am starting this thread to take swing trades in market. I will be taking trades on EOD basis. And exitting the same way. In course i will reverse my position if necessary. Will be working on one future lot. There will not be any methodology or reasons for my trade. I will just be...