How to stop repeating same mistakes again and again?

Hi, I have been trading for a yr now. Sometimes i end up repeating same mistakes i did in the past. i'm following my discipline for few trades. But after that i'm become lathargic and enter the trade eventhough some of my key factors are not in the trade? How to rectify these mistakes?


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This is why traders have to maintain a log, a record of all trades. If you are not motivated to do that, open a thread here to record your trades, like others have done in their trading diaries here.


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Human nature is to repeat mistake ^^
price goes up down up down in terminal it kind a mechmerize you . So look at graphs of charting application always.
Always find whats broader direction trend weekly ? 4 hourly...

and if u are investor and can hold for 3-8 yrs then Ek baar commitment kari li to every steep decline is buy buy buy buy and even more buy
little by little hence forming Average.

Define your goal how much profit u neeed and can SIP mutual funds can achive that goal ?

when u make a excellent profit write that on paper why did u take that trade...
when u mak eloss write that on paper too why u lost
and now do exactly do opposite of why u lost and u be in profit lol

You say you wanna try but you never do
Sugar, there's a reason why we lose
You say you wanna cry but you never do
Sugar, there's a reason why we lose
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You are saying that you become lethargic. I believe this is the root of your problems. You need to remove this from yourself. You need full concentration when doing forex trading. I know this is tough but you need patience to overcome it.

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