Woodies CCI for TS2Ki - compling problems

Hi Everyone,

I recently downloaded the EasyLanguage code for Woodies CCI - see below, however, I get an error message that "CCILength" in the very first line is not recognized when I try to compile it - I am using Tradestation 2000i version. Additionally there may also be other problems but the compiler stopped at the very first error.

Is is missing input statements???

Any help would be tremendously appreciated - it may be a simple fix but I do not have the savy to discern that.

Many thanks for your help

Woodie's CCI for TS2ki

Plot1(CCI(CCILength), "CCI" );
Plot2(CCI(CCILength), "CCIhist" );
Plot3(CCI(CCILength2), "CCI2" );
if plot1 > plot1[1] then setplotcolor[1](1,up);
if plot1 < plot1[1] then setplotcolor[1](1,down);
if lowest(plot2,BarsAboveBelow0) >= 0 then
condition1 = true;
condition2 = false;
if highest(plot2,BarsAboveBelow0) <= 0 then
condition1 = false;
condition2 = true;
if plot2[1] crosses above 100 then begin
condition3 = true;
condition4 = false;
if plot2[1] crosses below -100 then begin
condition3 = false;
condition4 = true;
if condition1 then if condition3 then SetPlotColor(2,Longs) else SetPlotColor(2,Above0);
if condition2 then if condition4 then SetPlotColor(2,Shorts) else SetPlotColor(2,Below0);

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