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  • Using the link given earlier, you can get the previous dates and cross check them. some post have dates written and some have dates in the images. BTW, please check the Astrological Nifty thread. I have just posted some intraday timings when Nifty might reverse its trend.
    Sir, I am not able to follow the graph to be frank. So if you tell me on so and so date, there was combustion
    and Nifty Index changed the trend from so ans d so level. Then I will be able to understand better and will also try to
    contribute from my side after going through back-testing. In other words, I want to know the theory.
    Thanks for your prompt reply. I know some basics of astrology. You have mentioned that whenever Mercury or Venus become
    combust i.e coming near the Sun, there will be trend change in the market. Yoy have given some graphs which I could not understand. What I want to know is that please give some actual examples say on a particular day/week, market trend has changed with Mercury or Venus becoming combust.
    The graphs are very simple to understand. I have mentioned the dates on them, which are the trend reversal dates. I have attached an image in the post. And there are many on my blog. You can refer them. If its holiday, then the next trading session will show the effect. and BTW, all are actual. As using astrology we can know about an event quite earlier, hence the graphs, as you said, dont have any candlestick
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