1. A

    In memory of Alex K Mathews

    Most of us remember where we were on September 11, 2001 when news came in about the attack on World Trade Centre. My boss Alex K Mathews and I were preparing to leave our office in Kollam, Kerala for the day when I turned on the TV to watch CNN. It showed a tall building on fire and I called...
  2. A

    Stock delisted! What do I do now?

    I bought ZENITHBIR-BE in 2018 and left it for long term. However, the said stock was de-listed from the exchange! I have shares in it and unable to sell now. :( My stock broker says I have to wait for ZENITHBIR-BE to be listed again to sell them OR they ask me to find solution on Google...
  3. S

    ITI surges 15% on 12-fold jump in Q3 profit; co's net worth turns positive

    The organization detailed powerful income with a more than 12-overlap hop in the combined net benefit at Rs 168 crore in the December 2019 quarter of the current financial year (Q3FY20) Portions of ITI flooded 15 percent to Rs 106 on the BSE on Tuesday after the organization detailed vigorous...
  4. S

    Need list of top 300 or 500 NSE andor BSE stocks with its ID

    I need the list of top 300 or 500 NSE and/or BSE Stocks with its ID (example Central Bank=BSE: 532885 | NSE: CENTRALBK). Where can I get that list? My prefered format is excel but any another format would be helpul. Please help
  5. trendtrade

    Stock delivery volumes on NSE, BSE drop to lowest since 2009

    Stock delivery volumes on NSE, BSE drop to lowest since 2009 Nov 02, 2018, 07.46 AM IST High trading volume seems to be driving the stock market amid a significant fall in the delivery of stocks. The...
  6. A

    How to make excel sheet with stock financials

    I want to make a excel sheet of stocks along with their cmp, financial ratios like roe, roce, pledged shares, etc. but doing it manually for all 5000+ stocks is almost impossible. So can anyone help me how to do it. Most screeners out there mostly doesn’t cover all BSE stocks. If they do, then...
  7. U

    please respond

    guys I started intraday trading with rs. 1.5 lakh and I've already lost 1.7 lakh and I'm left with only 43k. what to do, I feel like's sooo frustrating. help me out guys.
  8. P

    Large/Mid/small cap stock list

    Hi, Where we will get symbol list of large/mid/small cap stock list for NSE/BSE. Regards
  9. V

    Gujrat Election Poll

    Gujrat - polling is over Result will come by next week. Exit polls are out. Now? What you think?
  10. P

    Trading Secret!!!

    Traders may find this trading method interesting!!! Regards, k
  11. A

    Feedback for slicedscripts

    hi all, I have started a new website and would like to receive feedback and what all I can improve for the betterment of my site I love to study and trade but i would rather consider myself to be an amateur. Arsh
  12. M

    What is the difference between investing same stocks in NSE and BSE

    BSE and NSE are the two stock exchanges in inda and in my idea have a similar stocks also. Then what is the difference between investing in NSE and BSE for same stocks. For example What is the difference between SBI stock in both NSE and BSE. A quick look at the SBI chart from NSE and BSE...
  13. H

    Need nifty charts for past 5 or 10 years

    Senior members help me. where can I find nifty charts for past 5 to 10 years. I need access to nifty charts for any particular day, with open close time, high low information. 1. Is there any free website or free software from where I can get this information? 2. Otherwise, if there any paid...
  14. H

    Need ipo listing date of each companies

    senior members please help me. Is there any book or website where "ipo listing date" of each nse, bse companies are given. Or do I need to call each companies individually to know ipo listing date.
  15. P

    Technical Charts by Economic Times [Advanced, Real-time, Free]

    Economic Times now offers one of the most advanced & user-friendly Techncial Charts Checkout: It offers: [1] Real-Time End of the Day and Intraday Data across all Stocks & Indices (NSE & BSE) [2] Multiple Chart Types (Candles...
  16. U

    New !!! Stock Analysis desktop tool for Mac and Windows

    A new stock analysis software compatible with both Mac and Windows is under development. Main features are... 1. Realtime, EOD Analysis 2. Market Watch 3. Backtesting with customized strategy 4. Offline Analysis 5. Technical Indicators 6. Customized strategy for Buy/Sell indicators...
  17. A

    How to begin trading on an indian exchange

    Is BSE auction or dealer market what about nse. How to place your first bid. Where do i find a good discount broker. Can i place orders online. Give me a screenshot. Any good software to analyse stock? :annoyed::clap:
  18. L


    Hi friends Can any one suggest me whether any website or any one who provides SMS alerts of any stock which hits 52 WEEK HIGH & LOWS in NSE BSE to my mobile. Kindly PM me if any suggestions or reply me Kumar
  19. H

    BSE Bhavcopy before 20 March 2006 provides daily bhavcopy files from 20 March 2006. I am in search of the daily bhavcopy files prior to this as far back as possible. Can anyone help me with it or guidance about any known sources? Many thanks.
  20. R

    Online Trading

    Hi All, i am new to trading industry, and want to start investing for making more money, and my friends suggest me to do trading online, with ReligareOnline. Can any one suggest?