1. gourav_s

    NSE/BSE Yahoo Stock Lists for AMIBROKER

    Hi, everyone :) I would like to know if someone can provide me with link to download NSE/BSE Symbols for Amibroker i.e. for example GMRINFRA.ns I want a list of .ns yahoo symbols of NSE/BSE for amibroker :p Thanks in advance :thumb:
  2. H

    BSE and NSE Data

    Hi, I have an Application for EOD Data of BSE and NSE, contact Information, Shareholding Pattern, Cummulative + Standalone Results.
  3. T

    EOD2FCharts EOD Data Download & Export to FCharts SE (Free Technical Analysis s/w)

    Hello, Here you can find the software which Downloads End of day Bhavcopy data , filter it and then export directly to FREE TECHNICAL ANALYSIS SOFTWARE *** FCharts SE *** without starting FCharts Software. EOD Downloader/Exporter for FCharts SE EOD2FCharts [NSE/BSE] [Free version will allow...
  4. D

    Need information about NSE, BSE EOD data format

    Hi. I am developing software tool for technical analysis especially for Indian Stock Market. For this I need to download and use eod data from NSE and BSE stock Exchanges. The data should be in ascii, csv files. Can anybody suggest a source where I can find out more about NSE, BSE eod file formats?
  5. P

    Scrips For Arbitrage (NSE - BSE)

    Hi Traderji, Well I have started working with a broker as an arbitrageur. I am doing cash to Cash Trading (NSE - BSE trading). Its really getting difficult for me to find a good scrip to Arbitrage (cash to cash), I am Right now Working with Chambal and DCB. WOuld anyone Suggest some Scrips...
  6. Z

    BSE / NSE Ticker for your website, blogs or iGoogle pages...

    Live BSE and NSE Stock Ticker for your blog, website, iGoogle or Orkut page with an option to display BSE Sensex, BSE 100, NSE Nifty or NSE Midcap 50. Customizable color, font size and ticker speed. Stock quotes are updated directly from or respectively. BSE Sensex...