Kotak Mahindra Securities trading experience.....Is it good?


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I everyone,I am thinking to open an account with kotak mahindra securities.Is it good?How is their service?How are their tips accuracy?How about the software KEAT?Plz do reply......waiting for replys from members.


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Hey anyone over here plz help me by replying to my query .It wil b very helpful to me.waiting for your replies
Just the day u posted the query i have been to kotak office to open a trading account. it's been more than 3 weeks since i submitted all the documents and there hasn't been any account, welcome kit provided to me so far, the customer service is simply closed to horrible, as there are no sensible persons involved to handle issues, more over their reply annoys like hell (eg: i gave a complaint about account not opened till date and after two days a women calls me and say, she will look into the issue and call after 1 day.:confused:), i respect women but the way they react to problems, i fell sorry for the level of IQ they have to handle a case.

In shortly, the customer service is only there to kill your time than fix them and hope to get things sough-ted out all by themselves, it is even waste of time contacting them multiple times query the case.

Overally it is terrible with kotak, i would like to recommend Jeojit, their customer service is pretty decent and knows how to handle a case and feels like well organised, more over these days i checked that they are offering a free trading and dmat account(valid till march 2012) with an initial investment of Rs10000/- which could be withdrawn later if u wish to.

Should be worth a try if u r fresher

Hope this helps.


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Thanks buddies for your replies.....I have opened a 3-in-1 account with KOTAK and using KEATpro.....I didnt face any problems with them still now.......Odcourse it took about 3 weeks to open the account after submitting the documents but after that I didnt face any problem upto now.....I am using it from one month.....If you can suggest me any other broker offering free 3 in 1 account I would be pleased to open......
Anyways thanks for your replies......:)

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