1. L

    Need an afl file for nifty futures

    hi friends can any one post any afl file for NIFTY & BANK NIFTY futures for intraday as well as SHORT TERM POSITIONAL TRADES... i would be great full if any of you all friends can suggest me an afl with min success rate of 60-70% Thank you
  2. Nehal_s143

    Wilder's smoothing afl

    Hi When using wilder's in Amibroker I am getting different value then Metastock hence want to know the calculation of wilder smoothing used in Metastock seniors please help to write afl Metastock Wilder's smoothing Regards
  3. P

    Day high/day low in afl

    IF ANYBODY CAN GIVE, TO FIND OUT BUY SIGNAL AT DAY LOW OR SELL SIGNAL AT DAY HIGH SOME PEOPLE ARE SELLING AT 3 LAKH RUPEES , THERE IS ONE WEBSITE NAMED C O M M O S O F T I N , they are selling it for very very huge monthly If anybody posted the AFL, all traders will get benefits.
  4. J

    Need AFL: Advance Decline Ratio: Chart in Amibroker

    Hi All, I am searching for an Amibroker AFL to plot Advance Decline Ratio Chart. The chart should plot as candlesticks. Members please help.
  5. S

    I can Create AFL but Need Strategy

    Friends As i have good knowledge of programming, So i can Create AFL for the given strategy but I dont know much about Technical Analysis. So if you have a good technical strategy then share with me and i will code it for our benifit and we can discuss everything here
  6. P

    I want stock xray afl

    Kindly provide the afl codings for the attachments screenshots given.. Person selling this for 21500 rs one time charges
  7. A

    Help building an AFL

    :clap:Hi all I'm in need of help creating an AFL with the below requites: LTP above EMA 34 and cross ABOVE EMA 8 then Buy signal LTP above EMA 34 and cross BELOW EMA 8 then CLOSE BUY POSITION LTP BELOW EMA 34 and cross BELOW EMA 8 then Sell signal LTP ELOW EMA 34 and cross above EMA...
  8. A

    Thee Best AFL's for Commodities

    All With the internet filled with millions of AFL's, a few are doing really great, however this is a needle in a haystack. Hard to find and consumes lights years to find the right ones. This thread is for people to share thier good/bad experience with the AFL's that we have come across...
  9. A

    Need Help in Getting an AFL

    All Any Idea about the 's AFL, Can someone please share the code and back test results :clap:
  10. J

    Amibroker - Background color change with EMA

    Hi All, I have a question -- Is it possible that the background color of amibroker chart changes by itself if the price comes below 20 EMA. For Example: Price Candle below 20 EMA - Background color RED Price Candle Above 20 EMA - Background color GREEN
  11. R

    Need Year 2011 high low afl

    Dear, users i need a afl which display year 2011 high low only.not 252 bars high low. only high low from year 2011 if any one can help me please , i will be very greatfull.
  12. J

    Need Help: Bar Chart Color

    Hi Members, Can you help me with the AFL for the BAR Price Charts such that when: close < open = RED close > open = GREEN I have attached an image for reference. Thanks.
  13. J

    Elliot Wave ---- Need help with AFL

    Hi Members, Following is the AFL for elliot wave formation. This plots UP & DOWN arrows on the amibroker chart. I want to change the colors of arrows to white. I tried much but could not succeed. Please help. ------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  14. D

    Amibroker problem: Scan/Exploration signals are inconsistent with Chart/Indicator

    There are times that the signals produced by Scan/Exploration are inconsistent with what is plotted in the Chart/Indicator. This does not happen on all dates, just occurring sometimes so it is not easy to spot. Anyone have experienced this on one of their AFLs?
  15. coolbrain

    Need this AFL..pls Help me..

    Dear friends, Plz help me to get this AFL AFL NAME :- TRENDING RIBBON (3 Time frames) Top ribbon will show - (custom time trend) i.e..5 mins,15mins, etc Second ribbon ll show - 30 mins Trend Third ll show - 60 mins trend. Regards Coolbrain
  16. A

    Stock pick / screener exploration

    Hope traderji pals will find this useful Stock pick/screener exploration ==================== Buy criteria : (Combining leading + lagging indicators) 1) EMA3 crosses EMA15 from below 2) Price > 25 3) MACD crosses Signal from below OR 4) Stochastic %K crosses %D from below For...
  17. X

    Multiple Moving Averages

    Hi there... I have a litttle problem: I want to make an exploration code, but Im having problems to deal with Arrays vs Variables for this criteria: 1) I Want to select from a Parameter List, different kind of Moving Averages, 2) Then with the selection, make a calculation based on a formula...
  18. X

    Half TimeFrame on Amibroker

    Hi folks, Is there a way to plot or divide data of a given array in time, for example Volume but in Half of a TimeFrame ? Let's say, I'm planning to use a system or just plot by example; Volume for every half or a given month, not just a simple reference from 15 days back to actual volume. Is...
  19. J

    All-in-OneTradePr ----- AFL

    Hi All, does any one have the AFL present in Amibroker if nimbledatapro feeds are subscribed from I am not able to use this AFL when the feeds are taken from any other vendor. HELP.....!!
  20. madhavareddy1203

    Alert Out put In Amibroker AFL (excellent MACD)

    Hi guy, can any one add alert out put when this programm generates buy or sell signals. it need to generate alert message in alert output panel. Like ex: buy signal generated in TCS. or sell signal generated in tcs. This afl is really excellent. dont depend completely. But it giving...