Help Needed in AFL Amibroker


Loves Coding and Trading.
Hi everyone, I am writing a code on Amibroker AFL and I got stuck :confused:. It looks simple but somehow I couldn’t solve it. Actually I want to draw Closing Price line on my intraday charts. It’s very easy to draw high and low, you can write,

>> Plot (LastValue(TimeFrameGetPrice("High", inDaily, -1)), "Prev H", colorGreen);

but closing price is different from the intraday last price and has to be taken from a "different" sheet (like Bhavcopy). Does somebody know how to draw closing price on intraday charts?

I am thinking like this. Let's say I track 25 stocks on intraday basis. For each stock the AFL code should take the Closing price from Bhavcopy, and draw it on the chart. Since closing price is different for each stock, the AFL has to communicate with Bhavcopy each of the 25 times, and require some programming skills. Can anyone help me here or some is there any better method available? Thank in advance

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