(MCX Comedy..Errr. Commodity) - How to Fake your Trade

Hey Guys,
Long time since I started any thread. Primarily last 2 months were hell at the workplace. It rarely happened (well, unless the account was blown) that I am not trading in Nifty for a whole month. But the necessity of the mother of something, I forgot what it is.

I never ventured on anything apart from Nifty and Crude on trading since last few years. Now, with the Nifty being off from my lunch menu these days I had to look around and find something to keep the counter ticking. But till then trading only in MCX.

I have started trading into Silver and planning to start on Nickel and Copper and Gold. Agro product I am skipping for the time being. I will post below on this thread:

1. Chart of potential entry points (TF daily or hourly)
2. My special commentary
3. Will bring all our trade master (Uday, Majnu, Babu Rao etc) as and when we need their advice
4. Indicator used (OBV, BB, TrendLines, EMA)
5. Scalping - Nope
Tuna ji are you still using above setup or another setup?

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