Save Brokerage Upto 60% to 90%


Dear clients,

Firstly our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused. We had migrated all our servers to new Mumbai Data Center the over the weekend. As we are aggressively adding new clients, we are concurrently working to avoid any scalability issues in long run. It’s like stitch on time saves nine. Beyond our control, the roll over is only possible on the Mock day, pre decided by exchanges (generally first or second Sat of each Month). Subsequently any contingency, we shall experience on next working day.

We understand that there were connection issues with SCALPERT platform only. Though we had thoroughly tested all applications yet due to an unexpected situation we had this issue. Rest assured, the same has been fixed and hopefully there shall be no repeats on Monday mornings in future

To address few other concerns from our TJ members, we would like to reconfirm that brokerage was never a revenue model for us. We are working to add different financial products within the ecosystem to reduce friction and more importantly the commissions. We are also working to add few more trading platforms in near future. And yes, upgrading ScalperT is one of our priorities.

Needless to say, giving good client service is paramount to us. And we appreciate your patience and looking forward for your continued support.

Thanks Finvasia, you are back. Scalpert working again. Thanks for making things better.
it was fixed .. but when i wanted it to work it just won;t.
after messaging u in live chat after 3-5 min it was working :xD
by that time thing i wanted to buy already was up 3% ...
if all was working and had no issue i be in 3% more profit so don;t say there a no issue .. There was issue and u fixed it that is correct word .

keep doing that and in future and i might go back to R.s 20 wala broker

Anyways for Now all is good .. next time i get difficulty i will just change broker ....

And do u plan to get nest v 3.11 work again ? OR create new EV file for same ?.

in current latest NEST v 3.15 version only finvasia.CFG is working what about BKP1 and BKP2 ?
any plans to add backup server ?
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