Zerodha - Number One Discount Broker in India

See, that is the thing, everyone's style is different! You cannot trust to run with Z.

What will you do, when you need to exit and Z's "kati patang" does not let you login for hours during live market? How will you exit your position?

What will you do, when you won't be able to modify your order? And lose not thousands but lakhs on a winning-trade to begin with.

What will you do, when they won't take responsibility of their own shit?

What will you do, when they will delete your posts in TradingQnA where their CEO is active?

What will you do, when their CEO ([email protected]%! Executive Officer) himself bullies you?

What will you do, when you are forced to appeal SEBI & NSE's Court for their mistakes?

Practically, this has happened not once but many many times - over and over again for years at a stretch...

You know what they will tell you bluntly at your face, "If NSE can fault twice a year, we as a discount broker can fault 200 times!" :)

Great that it did not for you, but do keep these possibilities in your plan. Can happen any day!
Zerodha is very stable these days than it used to be few years back. As capital grows, one need to diversify capital among different brokers to avoid concentration risk. With given choices, I would stick with Zerodha and Upstox as primary brokers and angel as backup. IKBR does not suit for Indian traders with no share pledging facility and other cons.
Hi zerodha

How to see the volume directly without clicking market depth in KITE ZERODHA WEB. I want volume, bid price, offer price in market watch screen. so it easy to trade intraday. kindly solve this issue. i rounded in the image and attached.