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ofcourse it is a much better product then PI as of now... and it is wrong to stop it completely
Zerodha support only Kite. Mr Nitin Kamath stated that they are phasing out Pi also in due course.

But problem with Kite is it does not catch all the ticks. So if you are using 5min chart after every bar you have to refresh. Then if you use 200ema, it will show up wrong after every refresh. Then you have to load more candles to get correct 200ema line. instead of concentrating on trading you end up doing all these every now and then.

Looking for another broker who support a good destop platform
write email to Nitin .. if enough ppl object about this he cant run his business like these days
Very few people continue trading after 6 months from account opening date.
This is something that Nitin has discussed with me almost a decade ago.
So, within 6 months, most traders currently trading will be out of the markets. New ones won't even be offered Nest. So, it will die an automatic death
A few good traders who managed to survive, will either adjust, or move to another Broker.

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