tradestation 2000i

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    Strategy Performance Report - Should this system be traded?

    Hi Over the past few days I have tested quite a few systems in Tradestation 2000i. I tested them on 30-min bars on data from Jun 2008 to Feb 2011. I tried to perform 'Walk Forward' testing on the systems as per the following in-sample (optimized) and out-of-sample periods - (5 sets of 12 months...
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    Woodies CCI for TS2Ki - compling problems

    Hi Everyone, I recently downloaded the EasyLanguage code for Woodies CCI - see below, however, I get an error message that "CCILength" in the very first line is not recognized when I try to compile it - I am using Tradestation 2000i version. Additionally there may also be other problems but...
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    Option Station

    Hi All, I tried my level best to find out if any one is using Option Station in Tradestation 2000i Pro suite. How do i set my golbal server for fetching Option Data for National Stock Exchange of India .
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    Live Advance Get and Tradestation 2000i

    Hi, I have traderstation2000i and Advance GET Live. I want to make those software live with Indian Data from ODIN or other data source. I have read thread from JIGYASU ([email protected]) but i am unable to contact you as your mail is bouncing back . It would be great JIGYASU or any...
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    How to get nse data into tradestation via esignal

    Has anyone tried to get nse data (equity and futures) into tradestation 2000i using esignal as the data source. I am getting the BSE exchange symbol but not nse.