Why I Bought Bitcoin

These days we have a good opportunity to take the bitcoin at the bottom. Today it dropped down lower than 27k$ and it means that the downtrend is about to end. At least I hope. The economic situation is getting worse and worse daily, hence we can only guess what will be tomorrow with this cryptocurrency.
Actually, not only bitcoin is susceptible for change in economic situation. Other cryptos as well as altcoins also suffer from the tough times.

I think these days we should analyze the graphic and make decision, because once you will make wrong decision it may cost you a lot, especially on such volatile market like crypto ones.
A supply of 21 millions coin is what makes bitcoin a emperor of crypto empire. There are many coins in this market. As we all know that bitcoin is ruling the market due to its limited supply because the whole game is of demand and supply. The crypto market is more bigger than we think it is. It will not go anywhere because the future is here. Hold your coins carefully , You are goona see the miracle very soon.
Typically bitcoin and crypto are quite risky, but I love trading and mining. I totally agree with you. Bitcoin is continuing to rise, and its prices will continue. It is getting increasingly popular nowadays, so many people decide to invest in it to become successful and have a lot of income from it. Personally, I've been mining bitcoin for months now and have had a lot of success. It requires time, knowledge, and patience, and there are great chances of earning bitcoin and having a lot of income from this. You need to learn more every day and understand how risky it is to earn money this way.
We can see more correction in bitcoin in upcoming days..
Bitcoin will definitely give us a bull run but the current price is not the bottom as per our analysis. It can correct more.


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Today is a welcomed rebound in crypto, LTC rocks, I think recovery will extend to the US Holidays and closer to Christmas we will see a switch from bearish market that dominated this year to a medium-term bullish one.