Why I Bought Bitcoin

In my opinion,The subprime mortgage crisis was caused by the unreasonable over-issuance of currency under loose monetary policy. In this case, if there is a currency that limits the total amount of issuance and can never exceed it, will there be no financial crisis or a series of chain problems such as currency devaluation?

In my opinion,Money is being issued faster than bitcoin is being produced.So the value of Bitcoin will continue to rise.

The decline in people's demand for cash has also affected investors' future expectations of encrypted digital currencies to a certain extent. According to a sample survey report released by the Bank of International Settlement (BIS) in 2020, more than 50% of central banks have developed central bank digital currency (CBDC) due to the decline in cash demand. This fully shows that encrypted digital currencies, whether legal or not, are very likely to change the existing capital market and even the currency system in the near future.

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Why do you buy bitcoin?


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I still feel that long term investing in bitcoin is too risky. I mean that the thought of the threadrunner have the right to exist but the question of cryptos is still opened. There are some countries which prohibit usage of cryptos, and there are also the countries which support the idea of cryptocurrencies. So, now it is a great financial instrument to trade because of its volatility, but I feel that it is too early to think of investing in it for a long time.
I wish market analysis were as simple as thet, but there are so many details and stumbling blocks in that.
First of all, bitcoin is not safe from economic bubbles. This asset can also be oversold and overbought, so the risks do still exist. Secondly, no governments want to admit this currency. Thus I am not sure how this whole technology will develop in the future. I wouldn't say that cryptos are more stable and predictable than currencies or any other assets.
I wouldn't call bitcoin some safe asset which is safe from the risks which traditional currencies are prone to. I bet that economic bubbles are also possible in cryptos and when they burts economy will feel not really good as many banks and other institutions invested their money in that asset. So, why don't you diversify your risks? I mean why don't you trade both currencies and cryptos? I feel that this will be the most appropriate decision here.
I treat bitcoin with caution. Surely, it sounds like the technology of future, but we shouldn't roll out the fact that it all depends on the governments which are unwilling to admit bitcoin as a legal currency. That is why everything is vague about cryptos nowadays. There is pretty much uncertainty there, so I don't invest in that now.