1. SteveBayerIN

    SteveBayerIN's vlog on NIFTY 50, CNX IT and Crypto-Currencies

    This is my general vlog where I tend to post about things such as NIFTY 50, CNX IT and Crypto-Currencies: Latest NIFTY 50 post: Latest CNX IT post: Latest Bitcoin post:
  2. S

    Daily Market Analysis and News From NordFX

    Forex Forecast and Cryptocurrencies Forecast for December 21 - 25, 2020 First, a review of last week’s events: - EUR/USD. According to Bank of America Merrill Lynch, the most popular strategy in the market after “buy shares” is “sell the dollar”. Speculative short positions in this...
  3. W

    Why I Bought Bitcoin

    In my opinion,The subprime mortgage crisis was caused by the unreasonable over-issuance of currency under loose monetary policy. In this case, if there is a currency that limits the total amount of issuance and can never exceed it, will there be no financial crisis or a series of chain problems...
  4. Mr crypto

    New method to make 0.1 bitcoin on trading per hour

    Hello At first I thought this website is a scam but i want to try and i bought 0.6 ether for 0.0006 btc and i received it after 15 min on my wallet and I was very happy because the site offers you a big profit margin Example 3.51 Ethereum is sold for $ 399.48 or 0.05, which means that the...
  5. F

    Best Trading Platform

    Propersix is strong blockchain technology. Because they are using different frameworks of blockchain technologies and blockchain-based applications and concepts to create a more secure and efficient exchange,coin and token system. It's one of the best platforms for the prestigious person.
  6. DSM

    Introducing Ripple, a better Bitcoin copycat?

    From the supposedly creators of Bitcon, Ripple, a better Bitcoin copycat - Bloomberg, 11th April, 2013 : The virtual currency Bitcoin is all over the news these daysin part for its volatility. If you can...