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I feel one of the safest stock in this severe correction of about 2500 points is RPL. 65 seems to be a huge support for this one. It has hardly reacted to market behavior and seems immune. An ideal stock for long term conservative investor. The upside for a period of 1-3 years is also very attractive. A good stock which is hardly averse to ones capital. Downside is also highly unlikely and very limited in this one maybe not below 60 at the max.

Request to fellow members to identify other safe stocks for the benefit of all.
How about NTPC
Todays fig ,
Open High Low
132.00 139.95 129.0

Closed at 136.8 with 70.5% delivery .
Comments please .

Hi Folks,
NTPC is a safe bet for the medium/long term. But if Nifty tests 3420-3220, u can see Ntpc plunging to 120 levels. Best buy 130 put as cheep as u please to make a profit of atleast 8-10 x lot size!


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Time has come to revisit this thread and try to find out the safest stocks in the current meltdown. Only two were identified about 1 year back
--> RPL at 60-65 current 112 ,
--> NTPC at 130 current 165
which suggests if one gets the entry correct then the good stocks can face the severest storm and even give capital appreciation for the long term investor in midst of severe bear markets.

Other on my watchlist are -

1.PowerGrid current 85, good entry point could be 70 level (though I hold some from the IPO rate of 50 something)

2.SBI current 1540, 1000-1100 could be a good entry if one ever gets it there.

3.ITC, HUL, still working out its entry point.

Other comments welcome.

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