Which is the Strongest Indicator ... RSI or Bollinger Bands???

Hi Traders,

I have been watching both indicators RSI and Bollinger Bands by the few months and I am confused which is the most powerful indicator for intraday trading in commodities. Can anyone tell me which indicator I shall use for intraday trading? What is the time-frame will be apply?
If you are watching both the indicators from past few months you certainly knew that which one performs better in which circumstances.

As per my opinion, Bollinger band is certainly best, coz they produce some points even when the market is side-ways when most indicators failed to generate points.

However, RSI certainly gives u a good indication of Bearish OR Bullish market, when most traders generate or looses money.

So, at last, it totally depends on your trading behavior and techniques.

use the one which fits best for your scrip, timeframe and strategy.


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