1. NJ23

    Upstox & Kite APIs

    Which one is better in terms of stability, latency, connection issues?
  2. S

    Trading going on on Saturday? Bizarre!

    Who can explain it to me why this trading activity goes on on weekends? Is this data coming from NSE servers? Not the first time I have noticed. Here's the link to the video and another video here
  3. B

    New to trading - few queries

    Hi I am new to trading. I dont have any demat account till date. Planning to open one with rksv securities . Is it worth to open demat there ? Is there any option to get the initial fee of 300 rs waived . I heard if i sign up through referral or through partner links , fee is waived - is...
  4. M

    Which is the best RKSV's upstox pro or Zerodha's kite

    Any one used both upstox pro and kite? Whats your opinion about both?The advantages I seen in upstox pro is the speed of execution(as a positional trader(F&O) I dont care about that) and availability of many markets( I think zerodha is going to bring that soon). Other than these do RKSV upstox...
  5. B

    I'm Ditching RKSV & Going Back to Zerodha Again!

    Hi All, Please read this post & I read several times too! http://rksv.in/2015/10/4000-reasons-to-switch-to-indias-leading-broker/ And they said, But I Didn't know that it's brokerage credit! We spend that much & get that much. What the heck. It's kind of deception:confused...
  6. M

    Rksv-dream plan

    HI guys some plz tell us about rksv dream plan.
  7. A

    Some basic questions

    hey guyz i just wanted to know that some brokers are providing just 200 scripts for day trading with margin and some are proving 1500 for day trading with margin (in the eq series nse) for example: zerodha : 216 scrips with margin rksv : 200 around scrips with margin trade smart...
  8. S

    Please choose the best discount broker :-)

    Please choose the best discount broker & also mention the reason why you think it is the best according to you. Options are => 1 Tradejini.com 2 Sasonline.in 3 Rksv.in 4 Zerodha.com 5 Compositedge.com 6 Tradesmartonline.in 7 Tradeplusonline.com
  9. S

    Brokerage charges comparison for equity delivery trading by popular discount brokers

    As you can see that Mumbai based brokers (i.e RKSV Securities & Trade Smart Online) are charging 0.01% (Rs 1000/Crore) Stamp Duty whereas karnataka based brokers (i.e Zerodha & Compositedge) are charging 0.01% subject to a maximum of Rs 50 Stamp Duty. But i need to know how much stamp duty will...
  10. T

    Zerodha vs RKSV ( for currencies)

    Hi friends, Planning to open a currency trading account at one of the discount brokers , hence focused on Zerodha and RKSV. This is what I came up with : Assumptions : 1. Around 2000 lots turnover per day. 10 buys of 100 contracts each and 10 sells. 2. Net difference between buy and...