1. A

    Zerodha Platform Technical Issues

    I incurred losses today due to technical server connection problem between Zerodha servers and NSE. After getting notification of this issue on the Kite platform i cancelled my SELL BO (bracket order) because i didnt want to take any chance. Order shows cancelled on the Orders page and i was...
  2. NJ23

    Upstox & Kite APIs

    Which one is better in terms of stability, latency, connection issues?
  3. M

    Do zerodha kite offeres after market bracke or cover order?

    I have seen that Zerodha kite has bracket, cover and after market order but is there any after market bracket order/cover order? after market in the sense between 6:00 pm night and 8:30 am next morning If I want to place an equity MIS order (with limit price for intraday) at 10:00pm in night...
  4. L

    Connectivity issues at Zerodha Kite

    Hello, I am considering Zerodha's Kite platform for trading. However, I found the following post at their forum regarding downtime: One of the quotes which concerned me is "You r charging for these Api so I...
  5. L

    Placing orders to Zerodha's Kite using C++

    I need help in figuring out how to place orders and do order management with Zerodha's Kite using C++. For the sake of argument, let us assume that I am using Global datafeed's C++ api for retrieving data and I have also written my own logic to generate trade orders along with profit target...
  6. M

    Which is the best RKSV's upstox pro or Zerodha's kite

    Any one used both upstox pro and kite? Whats your opinion about both?The advantages I seen in upstox pro is the speed of execution(as a positional trader(F&O) I dont care about that) and availability of many markets( I think zerodha is going to bring that soon). Other than these do RKSV upstox...