Which company provides financial services in India?

when you say about financial planning, there are a number of steps which would come in between. a successful financial plan is one, which let you achieve your desired objective in the given time frame. that can happen through a number of options in india. If you wish to develop a comprehensive financial plan, get a certified financial planner, who can guide you in achieving your financial goals.
Author still haven't replied which kind of services he really interested in and what it could be anyway for any possible reason out there. Do you need credits ? fixed deposits ? tax services ? investment advices ? What do you need honestly ?
I'm not sure what type of financial services you are looking for but there are several options out there in India. There are several banks or NBFCs in India that can provide financial services. As @amazingAkj has mentioned above the list of financial companies should help you. I remember my husband financing our car through HDFC Bank this time years ago having an existing relationship with the bank helped us to get a good deal on our i20.