I am looking for a company to help me with my advertising for my business. What should I be looking for?


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J. Walter Thompson ad agency


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It depends on your aims. If you want to attract large traffic, you should think of a contextual advertising, and if your target is to make a name, you need a reputational compaign.
look for an advertising agency that will make an advertisement for you. You can also apply to bloggers who can make you a good commercial as well.
I would like to know about your business then I can suggest you a solution for it. If your business is at local level then you have to use the services of local advertisers. If your business is online then you have to contact the huge trafficking websites for the advertisement.
Freelancers should be good as well, it's not that easy to find hardworking person these days for some good amount of money really. You need something like search engine optimisation along with some solid pay per click or so services. There are plenty of that services on the web.

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