Do brokers provide raw company data on request?


I believe this is my first thread on this forum.

Apologies in advance if my questions seem foolish/naive/ignorant. I have no experience of trading/investing. Right now, I'm just trying to figure out what broker to chose for trading/investing.

This post is largely about what about a brokerage firm will do for me; presumably a "full brokerage" firm. Let's suppose that I am interested in finding out information about a particular company. I'm talking primarily about raw data, not analysis (though analysis might be interesting too). Would a broker have such information, including historical information about the company? And suppose the broker didn't have this information, would they be willing to get it for me? I imagine collecting together information for a given company could be a lot of work on my own.

Also, let's suppose I want access to information that the broker has. Could I just create an account with the broker to get that information, without actually engaging in any trades with that broker? Say, if I think the brokerage charges are too high, and I can do better elsewhere...