When do the companies give dividend ?

Companies pay Dividend during which month? Or is it like those who have it during the AGM time get alotted with the dividends ? Is it like they take a randmon day and give to the holders of shares of that particular day ?

Is it possibile of owning the share during the dividend time and selling it off after that
Is this trading strategy adopted by traders since lots of ignorant traders enter the market .
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normally, dividend will be declared after the annual accounts are finalised. so if march is the year ending, around May/June accounts will be finalised and dividend will be declared and paid. However, some companies may pay interim dividends also in the midst of the accounting period.
u can buy the shares cum dividend and sell them ex-dividend. (i.e., after availing the dividend). But this may not fetch a much profit.
i am a new to stock market. i want to more about the dividend. i am shares of tata motors(667 share). tata motors has announced a dividend of Rs15/-, can anyone guide me how much total amount i will get as dividend.
Thanks in advance.