are there any companies that pays dividend every month?


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hi all,
are there any companies that pays dividend every month?
if so how can we find that?

is it possible to invest in that companies and get some percentage of money back as dividend every month.

if so please give me full details.

thank you.
Dividends are for sharing the part of profits with shareholders. they are paid either quarterly, half yearly, annually or some times interim. They require Board approval before passing to the shareholders. Board cannot sit every month to decide the dividend.

Dividends are very meager. Face value of the shares are generally 1, 2, 10 and rarely 100. Dividends are based on % of face value and hence works out very less even considering annually and one should not consider the dividend amount while investing.

Suppose you invest 1,00,000 Rs in good dividend company like HeroHonda or some other company, you get hardly 2000 Rs per annum as dividend alone. More than that it is the appreciation in share value, if any which will be more attractive.

Of course if a company is regularly paying dividends, it sounds strength of the company and hence appreciation in share value is more probable in long run.