What is the solution not being tracked by the stock broker?

my name is ankit and i am from delhi.
i have account with zerodha from last 6 months.
i am constantly profiting around 80krs inr mo including brokerage from last 4 months.
but sometimes i felt like i am being tracked/traced by the stock broker.
Thats why i am thinking to close my current trading account every 2-3 months and then reopen new account so it look like new unique account and further if i being tracked i can repeat the process again.
I am looking for someone who can take this headache and do it for me for some money.
If you have got any other solution not to being tracked please tell me i will pay for it.
i was thinking to take a nse membership line but i dont have so much money. i only have around 6lakh.
If you have a direct nse membership line which you can share with me that would be so great and i will pay for it.
Thank you.
If they tracking peaking you nothing they get because none of strategy working constantly and they can't inside out you. If you constantly on profit it's good all awards goes to your mind set because you constant profit you believe your methodology.
Leave them out side your mind don't take them seriously. If you looking them again and again then your trading health will be affected by privacy phobia
Hoodi baba

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Yes, the broker can easily track our trades through RMS.
You can go for direct market access (DMA), which allows investors to buy and sell shares directly on a stock exchange, but the cost is high.
You can Ask NSE for exact cost. You can opt for this option later. Just providing the link.

Direct market access (DMA), which allows investors to buy and sell shares directly on a stock exchange,



I don't know the exact cost If any have the clear idea of the cost, share the info..
thnk u so much. i ll try to ask someone.
high cost? Like any roughly idea?


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Yes, I missed, :meh:
Currently, the DMA facility is available only for the institutional clients.


But somewhere in the Internet, I read NSE NOW is available to the retail individuals to trade directly. It is not DMA but without the intervention of any brokers, it connects direct NSE Servers. This may be the alternate way.
However, we have to check it with NSE.

I found the charge list for NSE NOW from WEB.
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