Flaky Internet? Heres the solution.

Tool 1 - Speedify - This one is a full fledged one with two significant features being Channel bonding that helps in bonding two internet connections to offer combined speed. And the other IMPORTANTfeature being REDUNDANT that helps in making your connection highly reliable as it swithches to the 2nd connection when the primary goes down and switches back to Primary when its up. Youll never see a drop in the connection unless all the connections screw up.

Tool 2 - Inetfusion - This just does the Bonding but that doesnt mean your connection is unreliable bcoz this tool uses multiple connections to upload/download data. But theres no primary/secondary thing in this.

Tool 1 is very popular and expensive compared to the second one. The second one seems new in the market so cant vouch for its security but its super affordable.

Note - Have used both!
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No dongle can't be used with his router.
Each wan has different setting,so you can use dhcp on one wan and other pppoe
eg: Bsnl and Local cable internet.
Yes it better, cost is high..if you want mobility dongle is best.
Or wait for 4g mifi router


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The IP address is logged while we log into the trading terminal. Incase of disconnections how is that handled?

For both of the above solutions?

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