A Final Solution for NIFTY

hi guys , starting a new thread on nifty futures
only positional trading is involved here
no intraday trading will be discussed

will not discuss any technicalities , trading methods , charts and other
technical tools or fundamentals involved for trading nifty futures

i will only post my positions on nifty futures and their final results when
they closed
hope that it will be beneficial for other members too

so lets start

praveen taneja

Well-Known Member
All those who trade without TA FA or any software automatically added in TMA no charges its free of cost life membership:clap::clap::clap:
Jai Ram JI KI
however i said , i wont discuss technicals or fundamentals
that doesn't means that trade decision are impulsive

off-course decisions are based on technicals and fundamentals and also use of software is involved
BRO I am a born tukka maaru and dont follow ant TA and trade what baba ji suggest:D
But still confused which TA suggesting to short at 7820 when hourly making a cup and handle suggesting 8080 coming:cool::cool::cool:
Jai Ram Ji KI
Baba, I don't a cup and handle on the hourly :confused:


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