What is the actual profit in zerodha (or RKSV) for a 10k trade

Any one can please tell me if i invest 10000 ruppess in stock market using zerodha trading platform and sold those stocks at 5% gain (ie:500 rs). what would be my actual profit after zerodh platforms or other charges. I know that zerodha charges 0.01% (i guess for our inital 10000) so loss is 1 ruppes. Is this the only charges we have too keep in our mind when calculating profit?

Initial amount       5%Gain             0.01% platform charges        Total Gain
10000                 500                        1                        499
Is my calculation correct. What else charges and taxes we have to pay during a trading?
use this link
in intraday the charge is shown is only for buy and if u dont sell it before 3.15 they itself will sell with at that time market price with no broker charge

but mostly u will sell before it

so double the charge it shows

for example for equity dream plan in rksv for rs50000 u buy 100 share and sell it
it will show rs60for intraday
but actuall if u sell befoere 3.15 it will double that is
so intrading in rksv at rs50000 buy sell all broker charge tax charge transaction charge and some other stt charge totally rs120 for intraday rs50000 buy sell

at pro plan it will be half only like buy sell total rs around rs60 but u pay extra rs4000 monthly for pro plan